Written by Sophocles with Translation by Don Taylor | Directed by Kate Pasco

Photography by Chelsey Cliff & Lloyd Evans


‘What use are people who are all words and no action?’

Two brothers lie dead.
A new leader has a city to rebuild.
One girl, Antigone, driven by courage to defend her family and beliefs, begins a fight against the tyranny of the state – no matter what the cost. A timeless thriller; interrogating loyalty and truth, honour and pride, Sophocles’ classic Antigone challenges the actions of a person who disobeys the authorities, rallying on behalf of Earth’s greater powers.

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Micheline Steinberg Associates.

Showing: 06/02/2020 - 08/02/2020


Rob Browning – Deputy Stage Manager

Rosa Chamberlain – Student set & costume design assistant

Tracey Cook – Creative Learning Administrator

Phil Coote – Deputy Chief Study Technician

Anna Dixon – Costume Supervisor

Lisa Hall – Production Manager

Laura Knight – Producer

Mel Lewis – Stage Manager

Roisin Martindale – Set & Costume Designer

James Moore – Course Leader

Dinah Mullen – Sound Designer

Kate Pasco – Director

Jessie Tamlin Hill – Student set & costume design assistant

Jessy Roberts – Assistant Director

Jen Roxburgh – Lighting Designer

Lucy Vincent – Assistant Stage Manager on Placement


Antigone – Summer Parker

Chorus/Cas – Alicia Pollard

Chorus/Iris – Leah-Anne Clemas

Chorus/Thalia – Kitty Lyell

Creon – Yves Morris

Eurydice – Emily Webber

Haemon/Eteocles – Dylan Maguire

Ismene – Nem Bengry-Howell

Soldier-Messenger – Issie Sallows

Teiresias/Polynices – Ethan James