Written by William Shakespeare & The Company | Directed by Nell Bailey

Photography by Lloyd Evans

Lloyd Evans x Shakeslam BTA - 72

“Suit the action to the word, the word to the action”.

Shakespeare. We love him. Or do we? 

Shakeslam is an investigation into adapting Shakespeare for the modern day. It’s about looking at what we love about the Bard, while also asking WHY we’re still putting his shows on 400 years later. From writing new pieces inspired by Shakespeare, to radically re-staging his work, Shakeslam is an experiment in cutting, cropping, remixing and, sometimes, throwing Shakespeare out the window. 

This unit has called upon the second years to be writers, dramaturgs, directors AND actors, with each group curating a variety of new pieces around a central theme. The work you are seeing tonight has sprung from their imaginations; their love and hate of Shakespeare; and the courage to try something new. 

Showing: 16/10/2023 - 16/10/2023


Director: Nell Bailey

Shakespeare Tutor: Alice Barclay

Lighting Engineer: Jonathan Turton-Smith

Events Facilitator: Ed Norman

Course Leader: James Moore

Course Producer: Alicia Sharp

Course Coordinator: James Creed

Curriculum Lead: Kris Hallett

Course Tutor: Deb Miles

Course Administrator: Tracey Cook

The Egg Theatre Manager: Lindsay Baker


David Alexander

Max Barlow

Chlöe Barton

Louis Bennett

Chloe Bowden

Ethan Brown

Tarquin Candy-Cornish

Lara Castanhinha

Veronica Causey

Tallula Cleere

Charlotte Davies

Noah Edmondson

Samantha Farrell

Holli Harris

Tao Harris

Lilah Hibbert

Will Histed

Freya Holden

Livi Holden

Charlotte Hutcheson

Angel Johnson

Kayleigh Khoodabux

Esme Kley

Harvey Lamb

Grace Langford

Chloe Lee

Tayah Lewis

Evie Lloyd

Lydia Loveday

Campbell Maddox

Charlie Morris

Sophie Pearce

Tom Pegler

Lily Poole

Ella Rayner

Molly Smith

Jessie Taylor

Jazz Thrower

Morph Tollon

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