Glass Town

Or, the wild and magnificent imaginings of the insufferable Brontë siblings | Written by Tom Wentworth, Steph Kempson, Alice Lamb and the company | Directed by Steph Kempson

Photography by Lloyd Evans

Bath Theatre Academy

Before Jane, Rochester, Heathcliff and Cathy, there was Glasstown, Angria and Gondal.

Meet the magnificent (and precocious) Brontë siblings and their wuthering flights of fantasy, in their magical lands where bloody duels are fought and love affairs last a lifetime. But what happens when fantasy and reality blur?

Trying to escape the real world, Charlotte, Emily, Anne and Branwell battle for ultimate control of their fictional universe. What if there is no escape?

Inspired by the Brontës’ earliest writings, BTA second year students go full Brontë in collaboration with director Stephanie Kempson (Fringe First award winner for Breathless) and writer Tom Wentworth (BBC’s Ralph and Katie; Pentabus’ Little Bits of Ruined Beauty). This bold and boisterous Brontë-fest celebrates the power of imagination to transport us to other worlds – and back again.

18 May: 7pm

19 May: 7pm

20 May: 2pm & 7pm

22 May: 7pm

23 May: 7pm

Tickets: £12 (Students £10)

Showing: 18/05/2023 - 23/05/2023
Time: 7:00 pm

You can book tickets via the Theatre Royal website or by clicking the button above.