Written by Katie Hims | Directed by Sophie Cottle


“No because you change one thing and all of it changes.”

Alice notices that something is wildly different and entirely the same all at once.

Stuck in a life she is frustrated by, Alice gets the opportunity to see another, and another, and another version of what her life could be.

But, trapped in an endless cycle of breakfast, and as a person struggling to find their identity- we’re asked- can you escape what was always meant for you?

And… do you want to?

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Katie Hims.

This production contains sensitive content

5 May: 6pm

6 May: 8pm

Tickets: £10 or £15 to see Variations & buckets on the same evening.

Showing: 05/05/2023 - 06/05/2023
Time: 6:00 pm

You can book tickets via the Theatre Royal website or by clicking the button above.