Photography by Chelsey Cliff


Using a selection of Leonora Carrington’s short stories as inspiration for newly devised pieces, Bath Theatre Academy’s first year students bring their work to a live audience. 

This unit was developed to give students an opportunity to explore a range of disciplines and create original work that excites them as developing artists.

Tonight, they have chosen a section of their work to share with you in a Scratch sharing. In the industry, these would be developed and fleshed out further into full pieces.

Showing: 16/02/2022 - 16/02/2022
Time: 7:00 pm

Creative & Production Team:

Krista Matthews: Director & Dramaturg

Elinor Lower: Director & Dramaturg

Kay Hudson: Stage Management

Merlyn Salter-Ling: Senior Technician (Studios)

Lucinda Roberts: Vocal Coach

James Moore: Course Leader

Laura Knight: Course Producer

Kris Hallett: Curriculum Team Leader

Deb Miles: Theory Tutor

James Creed: TRB Creative Learning Assistant 

Tracey Cook: BTA Administrator

Thanks to:

Sophie Cottle, Jack Orozco Morrison & Sam Kenyon Hamp


Dance Is Personal: Mhaliea Campbell, Harry Payne, Ben Glasspool, Evie Thomas

Witches: Regan Lye-Taylor, Louisa Hodges, Phoebe Mocanu, Takara Cox, Katherine Jackson

Day in the Life of a Skeleton: Henry Simmons, James Snowden, Cameron Newman, Gabriel Trickett

Loading… Emmie Raine, Saffy Crowl, Kira Bowers, Kate perkins, Becca James, Lissi Renton

My Disappointments: Diana Drew, Leah Shaw, Charlie McIntyre Newton, Ella Varney, Tash Gamble

Locked in a Chain: Phil Alexander, Rebecca Webster, Abi Baker, Corinne Westcott, Erald Ethemi