Written by Adam Barnard | Directed by Scott Hurran

Photography by Craig Fuller


It’s just a question of which experiences you want to have.”

Sick buckets, bucket rattling, bucket lists, buckets of love.

How do you fill what’s left of your day? How do you fill the rest of your days?

buckets plunges you into a journey of happiness and sadness, illness and health, youth and experience, kissing and crying and singing and dying.

What do you do when time is constantly running out?

Laugh, cry, and love with your whole heart!

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Nick Hern Books.

5 May: 8pm

6 May: 6pm

Tickets: £10 or £15 to see buckets & Variations on the same evening.

Showing: 05/05/2023 - 06/05/2023




Director: Scott Hurran

Production Designer: Sorcha Corcoran

Costume Supervisor: Anna Dixon

Lighting Designer: Lizzie Donaldson

Sound Designer & Composer: Joseff Harris

Movement Director: Deepraj Singh

Production Manager: Lisa Hall

Stage Manager: Katie Jones

Deputy Stage Manager: James Lisk

Assistant Stage Managers: Lauren Stone-Symes & Izzy Murphy

Production Assistants: Molly Weeden, Izzy Cope, Charlie Conway, Danny Connaire & Hattie Taylor

Chief Studio Technician: Matt Avery

Course Leader: James Moore

Young People’s Producer: Alicia Sharp

Course Coordinator: James Creed

Curriculum Team Leader: Kris Hallett

Course Tutor: Deborah Miles

Course Administrator: Tracey Cook

The Egg Theatre Manager: Lindsay Baker

Thanks to:

Laura Knight, Kate Pasco, Lex Kaby, Kiel O’Shea, Tilda Dickinson, Hannah Denning, Alison Carruthers & the Bath College Level 3 Theatrical Makeup Students


David Alexander

Chlöe Barton

Louis Bennett

Chloe Bowden

Tarquin Candy-Cornish

Lara Castanhinha

V Causey

Charlotte Davies

Sam Farrell

Tao Harris

Lilah Hibbert

Angel Johnson

Kayleigh Khoodabux

Harvey Lamb

Tayah Lewis

Evie Lloyd

Lydia Loveday

Cam Maddox

Molly Smith

Morph Tollon

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