Photography by Chelsey Cliff


New ideas. Bold concepts. Theatrical innovation.

SCRATCH has taken students from the Bath Theatre Academy; given them the tools from a team of theatre makers; and let their imaginations loose…

Each newly formed company has been mentored from conception of an idea through to execution by working industry professionals. This will be the first iteration of those ideas. This is the first time an audience will see them. This is theatre-making in its rawest form.

You, the audience, play a key role in developing these scratch pieces by being here to experience their first public performances tonight. Expect an eclectic mix of short pieces exploring themes chosen by the theatre makers of tomorrow.

Showing: 08/02/2023 - 08/02/2023
Time: 7:00 pm

Creative & Production Team:

Krista Matthews: Director & Dramaturg

Alex Wollacott: Director & Dramaturg

Jack Orozco: Sound Design Tutor

Hollie Marshall: Stage Management Tutor

George Bryant: Studio Technician

James Moore: Course Leader

Alicia Sharp: Young People’s Producer

Kris Hallett: Curriculum Team Leader

Deb Miles: Course Tutor

James Creed: TRB Education Coordinator 

Laura Knight: TRB Incubator Producer

Tracey Cook: Course Administrator

Thanks to:

Keira Dormer-Hazell


Cacophony: Angel Johnson, Charlie Morris, Chlöe Barton, Jazz Thrower, Tarquin Candy-Cornish

Burnt Orange: Eveney Chambers, Lara Castanhinha, Livi Holden, Morph Tollon, Tao Harris

Falcon: Charlotte Davies, Esme Kley, Lydia Loveday, Noah Edmondson, Sam Farrell

Paper Dolls: Chloe Lee, Jessie Taylor, Kayleigh Khoodabux , Molly Smith

The Loopy Ape Productions: Chloe Bowden, Harvey Lamb, Holli Harris, Lily Poole, Tom Pegler 

Pebbl: Beau Peel, Tayah Lewis, Keira Barry, Louis Bennett, Will Histed, Evie Lloyd

THAT Theatre Company: Cam Maddox, Freya Holden, Grace Langford, Max Barlow, Tallula Cleere, Veronica Causey   

Peapod: Charlotte Hutcheson, David Alexander, Ella Rayner, Ethan Brown, Lilah Hibbert, Sophie Pearce